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Kubilay İşen

Electronics Engineer/Data Engineer

I describe myself as a Deep Learning Enthusiast. The third year of my university I met with Deep Learning. I decided to be a data scientist for my future career. I love to code with Python.

The 2016-2017 academic year I was studying at the Lodz University of Technology as an Erasmus student. I spent so amazing times in Lodz. I have worked in Europe for a short time. I was sure it would strongly enrich my future working and help me in my prospective career.


My Experience

I wrote a business plan about deep learning solutions and I applied Erasmus for a Young Entrepreneur programme. I have been selected to take part in the activity of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. In this work, I devoted myself to the analysis of sports videos by using deep learning. I developed swimmer detection API with TensorFlow.

My university gave me a chance to get in touch the MIT Mini Autonomous Vehicle Competition. We have joined this competition Turkey version. I worked on an Artificial Intelligence with the main focus on Deep Learning, Python and OpenCV. I really enjoyed with my projects and I am keen to continue in it. I am a dedicated, outgoing and a team player. I have completed military service in 21 days.

ODTÜ Teknokent Yönetim A.Ş,
Ankara (Turkey)
Intern- Directorate of Entreprenurship, 06/2016-09/2016

-Assisting organizational projects such as The Scientific and
Technological Research Council of Turkey projects
-Taking active role biggest entrepreneurship program in Turkey
(more details:

Mavilab Yazılım Medikal A.Ş,
Ankara (Turkey)
Computer Vision-Intern, 06/2017 – 09/2017

Turkey first and only smart laser epilation machines, which built I helped with image processing I have done an internship in the area of the electrical system on laser epilation machines. It was a smart machine working with image processing technology. I have focused on OpenCV for detection hair.

Blink Enerji Teknojileri A.Ş,
Ankara (Turkey)
Jr. Data Scientist- Intern, 06/2018 – 08/2018

Blink is an R&D firm. Blink team is ambitious in solving R&D problems. Blink made the smartest way of wet snow and data provision on power lines. I helped them IoT device to use data on powerlines. I have worked on Blink dataset.

Jr. Computer Vision Engineer, 09/2018 – 01/2019
  • We made transforming the manual processes in the analysis
    of sports videos into a more automated analysis by training and utilizing a deep learning network.
  • Create own data and train with annotations.
  • I trained our video on SSD with PyTorch then I didn’t get a good result there was no data for swimmers. I decided to create own dataset. I built dataset and trained with TensorFlow.
PRF Engineering Inc.
Ankara (Turkey)
Jr. Data Scientist, 05/2019-09/2019
  • Radar Signature Detection Using Deep Learning
SDT(Space & Defence Technologies) Inc.
Ankara (Turkey)
Computer Vision Engineer, 09/2019-12/2019
  • Target Detection from SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar) Images by Using Deep Learning
PiriReis Bilişim A.Ş.
Software Engineer|Machine Learning, 01/2020-Present
  • UAV Route Optimization

My Projects

SEDAS Project Idea Competition

I had an idea about transmission line. In Turkey sometimes we had electricity failure in the transmission line and this effect our economy. After failure electricity We couldn’t take electricity a long time. I am developing IoT device to detect where the failure. My aims to put this device transmission line and they will say exactly where is the failure location. My system works like master-slave relation. With this projects, I took third place out of 100 projects. Then, I made a presentation for Tübitak*  They have decided to support my projects.

*Tübitak: Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

Mini Autonomous Car Vehicle Competition

During my prior studies, I have found out, that I would like to specialize in Machine Learning and Image Processing. My university gave me a chance to get in touch with these subjects through from competition   The MIT RACECAR Turkey version( more details:

Mini Autonomous Vehicle Competition was held in İstanbul, Yıldız Technical University Davutpaşa Campus on 6 May 2018. Attended teams went through an intensive training process in deep- learning algorithms before. Special production 1:10 scale mini cars are equipped with Nvidia Jetson TX platforms, high technology radar and sensors. All driving experience in a real vehicle simulated, My team demonstrated how we were generating solutions for the driving needs of the real world with deep learning algorithms. I have built 1/10 -scale mini autonomous race car. I have used Deep Learning frameworks, ROS, Semantic Segmentation and OpenCV for object detection, SLAM, ROS and Path Planning on this mini autonomous race car. We gave autonomous ability by using the TensorFlow framework. This competition consisted of two race. First race, They wanted to finish with the autonomous ability the race that was all. The second race was more difficult compared to the first one because we used so much algorithm for detecting lights, sidewalk and for parking etc. We finished successfully this competition.

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Deep Learning, Image Classification, Object Detection with OpenCV, Image Analysis and Using ROS this certificated is given by Nvidia Turkey Partner.

A 2016-2017 academic year I was studying at the Lodz University of Technology as an exchange student. I have spent so amazing times.  I have decided to work in Europe. I was sure it would strongly enrich my future working and help me in my prospective career. I wrote a business plan for Deep Learning. I have applied Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur programme then I have been selected to take part in the activity of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur programme.  I worked on Escrito IT as a Junior Data Engineer. I was doing sports video analysis by using TensorFlow and Python programing language.

I am a mentor which is the biggest artificial intelligence community. I joined Deep Learning Turkey in 2018. We help each other AI projects and enter AI competition. I translated “Course 5 Sequence Models” into Turkish which is “Vanishing Gradient with RNNs” video. This course is given by Stanford Professor Andrew Ng. We translated Deep Learning Specialization voluntarily which is on the website. (Details:

Software Skills

Python 80%
C++ 60%
OpenCV 70%
Robot Operating System(ROS) 60%
SQL 50%
Bilkent University

Ankara / Turkey , 2013–2015

CTIS-School of Foreign Language

Düzce University(GPA:2,74)

Ankara / Turkey , 2015–2019

Electrical-Electronics Engineering

Lodz University of Technology(Politechnika Łódzka)

Lodz / Poland, 2016–2017

Exchange student for one year

MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars

DeepTrafficis a deep reinforcement learning competition. The goal is to create a neural network to drive a vehicle(or multiple vehicles) as fast as possible through dense highway traffic.( Details: )

  1. I changed parameters in the code box
  2. I applied my code
  3. I run training
  4. I submit my code to competetion and here my result

Deep Learning Specialization(

I proudly completed Deep Learning Specialization Stanford University Proffessor Andrew Ng course on Coursera. I spent the last 8 months learning and coding almost 5 hours everyday. It was an amazing experience. Here certificate.

My Skills

  • Good at machine learning theory and algorithms. I am familiar with image processing and ML-based solutions using various and practices(e.g OpenCV, TensorFlow, Robot Operating System(ROS))
  • Deep Learning Algorithms
  • OpenCV for object detection
  • Robot Operating System(ROS)
  • Gazebo robotic simulation
  • Good knowledge of Linux. Experience with source control tools such as GitHub and related dev process.
  • Good programming skills in Python, SQL. I know basic data science Python tooling(Numpy, Scikit, Pandas)
  • Experienced with Nvidia Jetson TX2 environments. I used OpenCV and Deep Learning libraries on Jetson TX2
  • I am able to build machine learning models. Experience with AI(ML, NLP and Neural Networks of various type)


  • Sander SCHREVEN||Human Movement Scientist||Escrito IT||+31 6 21
    39 24 00||, Netherlands)
  • Roald Van Der Vliet||Owner of Innosportlab||+31 6 21 27 10
  • Dr. ir. Peter J. M. Scholten||Scholten Consultancancy ||+31 6 53 31
    718||, Netherlands)
  • Elif Kalaycı||PhD. Business Development Manager||Blink Enegy Inc.||+90 536 440 53 57 ||, Turkey)
  • Uğur Karataş||Mechanical Engineer| CTO Mavilab A.Ş||+90 533 450
    64 28||, Turkey)
  • Prof.Dr.Filiz Birbir Ünal||Head of Electronics Engineering
    Department||Düzce University||+903805421133- 2254||üzce, Turkey)
  • Murat Başaranl||Remote Sensing Systems Programs Director ||SDT
    Space&Defence Technologies||+90 312 210 10
    15||, Turkey)